What is Soft Washing?

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What is Soft Washing?

If you need a great conversation starter at the next neighborhood picnic, just get yourself one of our Classic Softwash polo shirts to wear and watch what happens. “Classic Softwash, is that a car wash?” People will presume all kinds of things when they see Softwash or Soft Washing. . . you’re probably one of those people if you’re reading this. 

If I had only one sentence to explain it, Soft Washing is a safe and effective alternative to pressure washing.

It’s easy to see the need for soft washing when you can spot dirty roof stains or algae on a home; however, you may not be able to easily spot the mildew, mold, bacteria, & viruses that are also contributing to an unhealthy environment just outside your door.

At Classic Softwash, we use specialized water based biodegradable cleaning solutions that are gently applied to exterior surfaces at very low pressure. Our solutions emulsify dirt, spider nests, bug debris and grime so that it can be rinsed away very easily. The softwash process also treats mildew, mold, & algae at the root cause; all while sanitizing the surface to eradicate 99.8% of harmful bacteria and viruses. 

Is Soft Washing safe?

You may be thinking, that sounds nice, but. . . Is soft washing safe for landscaping & pets? The short answer is that it is absolutely safe, when performed by trained and certified Softwash technicians. You can read more about our Classic Softwash process and certifications here.

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing?

“Every tool has its own purpose.” That’s what I was taught working on projects alongside my grandfather as a boy or in the garage with my dad growing up. (FYI – A screwdriver is not a chisel, haha). 

Both soft washing and pressure washing have their place. Most notably, the water blasting of pressure washing is best suited for removing a heavy or dense buildup of dirt or grime from hard surfaces (like muddy concrete or dirty equipment). Most gas powered professional pressure washing machines are commonly rated between 2,500-3,500 PSI. That is not the type of machine that you would want to use on a nicely finished home or around glass window seals.

In comparison, electric soft washing equipment operates at a much lower pressure in the range of 40-80 PSI and it relies on the cleaning solutions to do most of the cleaning. This makes soft washing a much more  appropriate cleaning method for sensitive exterior surfaces of all types. In addition, treating the living organisms at the root allows soft washing results to typically last 4-6 times longer than traditional pressure washing alone, while using only ⅓ the amount of water. Finally, electric soft washing equipment is much quieter and less disruptive than a gas powered pressure washer. 

For a more in depth comparison of Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing vs. Power Washing, you can check out this article.

In Conclusion

As a safe and effective alternative to pressure washing; soft washing can really be an impressive process to observe and experience. I know that was my first experience when I first transitioned from traditional pressure washing into specializing in the process of soft washing. And don’t forget, soft washing could be a great topic of conversation at your next neighborhood picnic; just be sure to grab your Classic Softwash polo shirt first!