What’s the Cost of Pressure Washing a House?

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What’s the Cost of Pressure Washing a House?

When our customers call to have their house washed, they often call to get an estimate for the cost to have a house pressure washed. Many homeowners hear the terms: pressure washing, power washing, house washing, and soft washing and they may think that they refer to the same type of service. In actuality, each of those services utilize different cleaning methods which are best suited for specific surfaces or cleaning requirements. You can read more about those differences here. In our professional opinion, you should very rarely utilize the high water pressure of a pressure washing machine to clean the exterior surfaces of a home or commercial building. Please note that in this article I will specifically refer to the question of “What’s the cost of pressure washing a house?” However, the cost to pressure wash a house may be closer to the low end of the provided price ranges whereas soft washing may be closer to the higher end of the ranges provided.

There are five (5) primary factors that can determine the cost of pressure washing a home:

There are five (5) primary factors that can determine the cost of pressure washing a home:

1. Home Size

2. Exterior Surface Type

3. The Condition of the Surface

4. Presence of Staining

5. Company Professionalism, Training, & Service

1. Home Size

The size of the home that needs to be pressure washed is the number one factor when determining the cost to pressure wash a house. The larger the home, the more time it will take to pressure wash or in the case of soft washing, the more cleaning solution will need to be used. Another factor related to the size of the home and pressure washing is the number of stories tall that the home is. A single story home is easier to pressure wash than a two or three story home, which may require the use of ladders or even a lift in some cases.

2. Exterior Surface Type

The second factor that can determine the cost of pressure washing a house is the type of exterior surface or finishes of the home. The exterior surface of a home may consist of vinyl siding, hardie board, brick, stucco, effis, dryvit, or even wood or stone. Specific precautions (and cleaning solutions in the case of soft washing) must be utilized based upon the nature of the surface. Is it porous? Can it be damaged by high pressure? These are a few of the questions that should be addressed.

3. Surface Conditions

The third factor in determining the cost of pressure washing a house is the condition of the surface being cleaned. When was the home last painted or stained? What type of paint or stain was used? Is there any loose siding or rot damaged areas? Has the surface experienced UV damage or oxidation? The condition of the surface may dictate the type of cleaning method that should be used and if the use of brushes or specialized chemicals are required.

4. Persistent Staining

The fourth factor in determining the cost to pressure wash a home is the presence and type of staining that has occurred. Some homes are washed to simply remove dirt, pollen, and insect debris. Other homes may have mildew, algae, moss, or even mold that is present and that should be specifically treated during the cleaning process. Other types of stains or markings could be a result of iron or rust stains, oxidation stains, oil stains, or even mineral deposits in the case of certain stone or concrete surfaces. Many of these types of stains require specialized chemicals, equipment, and processes to effectively remove or treat the stained surface.

5. Company Professionalism, Training, & Service.

The fifth and final factor in determining the cost to pressure wash a home is the company that is used. The professionalism, training, & level of service that is provided will vary greatly from company to company. It is important for the homeowner to consider the implications of the company that they choose to use. Will they be honest and straightforward to work with and value my time? Are they properly licensed and insured? Many homeowners fail to consider their personal liability from injury occurring on their property by a company that does not carry workers compensation insurance. Could an untrained technician damage my property and what would that cost? These are all great questions to have answered before choosing the right company to pressure wash your home.

Price Ranges to Pressure Wash a Home (based on square footage)

Assuming the exterior surface of a home is in good condition and does not have any persistent types of staining that is present, we can provide a helpful price range for professional pressure washing (or soft washing) based upon the primary factor of a homes square footage.

Small Homes (less than 2,000 sf)

$275 – $375

Most small homes (less than 2,000 sf) are single story and easier to access for the purpose of pressure washing.

Mid Sized Homes (2,000 – 3,500sf)


Pressure Washing mid sized homes takes a little more time and it is more common to find single story homes with a higher to reach second story room above the garage.

Large Sized Homes (3,500 – 4,500sf)


Many large sized homes are two to three stories tall and incorporate features such as porches, columns, accents, and the like.

Above 4,500sf Homes


As you can imagine, homes above 4,500sf can vary greatly in terms of features, intricacies, and surface types.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it’s important to maintain your home’s appearance and overall health conditions just outside your door. While pressure washing may be the first service that comes to mind when you think about exterior cleaning, you should be well informed regarding the difference between pressure washing, power washing, house washing, and soft washing. The correct application of these services can vary greatly, however, it is possible to expect a similar price range based upon the five (5) factors of: 1. Home Size, 2. Exterior Surface Type, 3. Surface Condition, 4. Persistent Staining and 5. Company Professionalism, Training, & Service.

Also keep in mind that add on services such as roof cleaning treatments, concrete driveway treatments, and window washing could all factor into the overall project costs to maintain the cleanliness and health of your home. As always, a professional pressure washing company should be able to provide you with an on-site consultation to determine your specific needs and provide you with a written cost estimate for your project.